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8 March 2008

Midland Plug, Ball Valves Enable Ethanol Transport

Family of Bottom Outlet Valves offers compatibility with increasingly popular fuel

Midland Plug and Ball ValvesSkokie, ILMidland Manufacturing, the North American leader in railroad tank car safety valves and equipment, and a division of the OPW Fluid Transfer Group, has created a family of Bottom Outlet Valves designed specifically for use in the unloading and transporting of ethanol. Due to its reaction with water, ethanol is more susceptible to contamination than other fuel products and cannot be shipped via multi-product pipeline, making tank cars the primary transport choice for this product and increasing the importance of its safe handling.

With that in mind, Midland offers the market an extensive line of Bottom Outlet Plug Valves and Bottom Outlet Ball Valves, which have been designed to provide excellent performance in ethanol handling.

Midland Bottom Outlet Plug Valves have been rigorously tested and been shown to excel in the harsh operating environments of railcars used in the transportation of ethanol. Midland Plug Valves utilize an Association of American Railroads-approved dual O-Ring and metal-to-metal seal design, guaranteeing a positive shutoff. Since ethanol can degrade some seal materials, Midland Plug Valves have been constructed with PFA-encapsulated viton O-Rings, which offer the compatibility required for use in ethanol handling. The simple vertical motion of a Midland Plug Valve uses a live loaded spring to reduce the probability of a leak in the event of an accident. The internal-style Plug Valve also reduces the overall installed weight and does not require skid protection. A larger port opening enables faster unloading.

Midland’s Bottom Outlet Ball Valves feature DuraSteel valve seats and PTFE valve seals. The DuraSteel ball-valve seats offer greater resistance to abrasion, reducing the chance of leakage caused by particle contamination, in addition to lower seat expansion, better conformity to body expansion, and higher dimensional stability and improved sealing in low and high temperatures—all of which lead to increased service life. Midland Ball Valves are also manufactured using durable stainless-steel or carbon-steel construction, which is ideal for survival in ethanol-transport applications and other harsh work conditions.

For more information on Bottom Outlet Plug or Ball Valves, any other ethanol-compatible products from Midland Manufacturing, or a free ethanol tank car poster, please contact your local Midland representative or Kevin Cook, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at (847) 677-0333, or go to

Midland specializes in products used on pressure and general purpose rail tank cars, chemical cargo tanks and ISO containers for the safe handling of toxic materials, chemicals, and food products: bottom and top loading/unloading valves, pressure relief valves, level gauge devices, and monitoring equipment. Midland is part of The OPW Fluid Transfer Group, that specializes in the safe handling and transfer of hazardous liquids and dry bulk commodities in critical applications such as gasoline, ethanol, diesel, chlorine, chlor-alkali products, LPG, acids, cement, flour and starch, among others. For more information visit

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